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Diane LeGree

Dean of Student Affairs

My name is Diane LeGree, and I have the pleasure of serving as the Dean of Students Affairs in Sixth College.

I have worked in Higher Education/Student Affairs for over 20 years and in many different roles.  Part of my job as the Dean of Student Affairs is not only administrative, but is also to assist students in connecting to the campus, to support  students’ academic and personal success, to support student experiences outside of the classroom, and to challenge students to make choices that support them being successful at the university.  As a first generation college student myself, one of my passion areas is working with first generation students and students in transition to assist them navigating the university, and helping them find opportunities to fully engage in. 

Some of my favorite things to do involve going to the theater, getting lost in a book, attending fun concerts, and outdoor activities such as gong to the beach, kayaking, and running.