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Residence Life Staff

The Sixth College Residence Life staff works in partnership with Sixth College Student Affairs and students to provide opportunities for student involvement and leadership.

The Sixth College Residence Life staff aims to:

  • Foster student growth and development
  • Prepare students to become effective citizens in the 21st century
  • Provide a positive living and learning environment for each member of the Sixth College community

We are committed to helping students build a college community that supports individual creativity and expression, while increasing students' understanding and appreciation of human differences.

Professional Staff

Resident Assistants: Catalyst & Mosaic (CatMo)

  • James Young

    James Young

    Catalyst 2nd Floor
    3rd Year He/Him

    James is a Computer Science - Bioinformatics major from Revelle College and a MRSEC research assistant. Outside of academia, he enjoys practicing martial arts and performing at events with the wushu club. James can also be found zipping between classes on his electric skateboard, scuba diving in the Pacific Ocean, hiking, skiing, and on other adventures he finds himself in.

  • Irene Tran

    Irene Tran

    Catalyst 4th Floor
    4th Year She/Her

    Hi! My name is Irene and I am a Psychology and Communication student. I am super excited to get to know each of you and on my free time, I love to read books and hike!

  • Grace Njuguna

    Grace Njuguna

    Catalyst 6th Floor
    2nd Year She/Her

    Grace is a student studying Business Economics with a minor in Accounting. She is from Sacramento, California, but is also of Kenyan nationality. During her first year, Grace was involved in Cornerstone Community Consultants and The Navigators which helped her form new connections on campus. In her free time, she loves listening to music, doing yoga, and playing tennis for fun. She is excited to be an RA and welcome in a new group of residents!

  • Jordan Lee

    Jordan Lee

    Catalyst 7th Floor
    4th Year He/Him

    Hi everyone! My name is Jordan and I'm super excited to be your RA for the 2023-2024 school year. I'm a Cog-Sci Design and Interaction major from Marshall (but I like Sixth a lot better!) My interests are all over the place, but I spend most of my time taking landscape photos, leading the photo club on campus, backpacking, designing apps and going salsa dancing. I want to make sure all of my residents have a great experience living on campus, so feel free to ask me about anything and come to me if you need help resolving a conflict or getting advice. See you around!

  • Kaitlyn Reardon

    Kaitlyn Reardon

    Catalyst 8th Floor
    M.S.Student They/She

    Hi! I'm Kaitlyn and I am a 3rd year RA for Sixth College. I completed my BS in Oceanic and Atmospheric Sciences last year and now currently pursuing a Master's in Oceanography down at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography. During my free time, I like to delve into my hobbies of film photography and surfing!

  • Krithik Varghese

    Krithik Varghese

    Catalyst 9th Floor
    Year He/Him
    Hey everyone! My name is Krithik (Cri-thick) and I am excited to be a member of the Sixth College RA team this year. I'm a molecular and cell biology major, with a chemistry minor from sixth college, so feel free to ask me questions about those programs, research, and life as a premed student. I am also originally from the Bay Area and love talking about it so feel free to ask me about that as well. In my free time, I enjoy playing sports, going to the gym, eating good food, and exploring new areas of San Diego. I am pretty passionate about my favorite sports, teams, players, movies, tv shows, etc so I am always happy to talk about any of these things or really anything on your mind. I am looking forward to a great year and growing to be a fun, energetic little community. Feel free to ask me any questions or concerns you might have. See you around!
  • Josh Cantrell

    Josh Cantrell

    Catalyst 10th Floor
    4th Year He/Him

    Heyo. My name is Josh, a senior majoring in Aerospace Engineering. For fun I like to surf, read, and create.

  • Vivian Lee

    Vivian Lee

    Catalyst 11th Floor
    3rd Year She/Her 
    Hello! My name is Vivian, and I'm majoring in psychology. I love music, plants (especially mint, basil, and orchids), films by Hayao Miyazaki (especially Nausicaa, Princess Mononoke, and Porco Rosso), and mul-naengmyeon (cold Korean buckwheat noodle soup). I am half Korean and half Romanian, but I only understand a little bit of each language. I also studied Japanese in high school, but I don't remember much of that. I have a younger sister who is a freshman at UC Santa Cruz, and I love getting to know new people, so feel free to reach out if you ever wanna chat! I look forward to being your RA this year :)
  • Katie Luu

    Katie Luu

    Catalyst 12th Floor
    4th Year She/Her

    Hi everyone! My name is Katie and I am a 4th year business econ major in Sixth College. I am so excited for a great year with my residents!

  • Christina To

    Christina To

    Catalyst 13th Floor
    3rd Year She/Her

    Hello! My name is Christina and I am a Sociology and Psychology double major and plan on attending law school after undergrad. I enjoy reading, working out, going shopping, and recently got into crocheting. Some shows that I've been watching recently include Never Have I Ever, Death Note, and I just finished up Juvenile Justice. I also love trying new foods so if you have recommendations please let me know. Feel free to reach out whether it's to chat or if you have any concerns or questions, I am here to help you guys out!

  • Emma Zhu

    Emma Zhu

    Mosaic 4th Floor
    2nd Year She/Her

    Hey everyone! My name is Emma, I am a Computer Engineering major and am super excited to be an RA this year! In my free time I like playing volleyball, going out with friends, and watching all the newest TV shows on Netflix! I am super excited to meet all of you and I'm looking forward to all the memories and fun times we will share together this year!

  • Jonathan Altamirano

    Jonathan Altamirano

    Mosaic 5th Floor
     Year He/Him

    Hi guys! I’m a first-generation Mexican-American from a small town in LA county called Littlerock. I’m a psychology major with a specialization in human health, though I’m considering a double major in cognitive behavioral neuroscience! I play a bit of video games and sports in my free time, though I have plenty of room to improve in both! A fun fact about me is that I was born on the same day that the first SpongeBob movie came out. Looking forward to meeting you all!

  • Kylie Nguyen

    Kylie Nguyen

    Mosaic 6th Floor
    3rd Year She/Her

    Hi my name is Kylie and I am a third year Human Biology major from Revelle! Please know that I am always here to help you with anything you may possibly need whether it be academically or socially. So don't hesitate in reaching out! When I am not working in my fertility lab or as a swim instructor for UCSD Rec, some of my hobbies include going to the beach, thrifting, and hiking. I'm looking forward to getting to know each one of you more throughout the year and building our community!

Resident Assistants: Kaleidoscope

  • Valarie Castellanos-Ponce

    Valarie Castellanos-Ponce

    Kaleidoscope 1st Floor
    5th Year She/They

    I am a Sixth College Student majoring in Clinical Psychology and Ethnic Studies with career aspirations of becoming a clinical psychologist. I am also a proud first-generation college student from Inglewood, CA. My hobbies include making jewelry, reading, going to the beach, going to concerts, and creating things. Fun Fact about me is that I have a resident cat named Olivia living with me in my dorm (you may see her from time to time)!

  • Cynthia He

    Cynthia He

    Kaleidoscope 2nd Floor
    4th Year She/Her

    Hello! My name is Cynthia and I am a fourth year human biology major, and this is my second year as an RA. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me!

  • Faith Rivera

    Faith Rivera

    Kaleidoscope 2nd Floor
    3rd Year She/Her

    Faith is a Computer Science major from Sixth College. Outside of her RA position, she is a tutor for the Computer Science and Engineering Department and an IDEA Scholar. Faith is also involved in UCSD organizations including the Society of Women Engineers, Women in Computing, Association for Computing Machinery, and Kaibigang Pilipin@. Born and raised in San Diego, she loves food, fashion, travel, and dance. Fun fact- she is the twin sister of RA Grace Rivera!

  • Sundeep Logani

    Sundeep Logani

    Kaleidoscope 2nd Floor
    3rd Year He/Him

    Hello! My name is Sundeep Logani. I'm a Human Developmental Sciences major at UCSD. I like to play tennis, watch movies, and play video games sometimes. I'm looking forward to meeting you all and being your RA!

  • Rohan John

    Rohan John

    Kaleidoscope 3rd Floor
    3rd Year He/Him

    Hey everyone! My name's Rohan, I'm majoring in Bioengineering: Biosystems and minoring in Philosophy. I'm from the Bay Area, about half an hour east of San Francisco (Hayward to anyone from the Bay). Some clubs I'm active in are the Symphonic Student Association and InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, so maybe you'll see me in one of those. I'm also super into reading on the beach (I literally go between classes when I can), playing piano, baking, and cooking, so if you run into me in the kitchen, chances are pretty high you'll get some free food. Can't wait to meet you all on campus!

  • Lauren Pechayco

    Lauren Pechayco

    Kaleidoscope 4th Floor
    4th Year She/Her

    Hi I'm Lauren! I'm so excited to be your RA this year! I'm a Marshall student majoring in Math-Computer Science. I really like boba, taking nice scenic walks, and hanging out with friends!

  • Simran Jandu

    Simran Jandu

    Kaleidoscope 4th Floor
    4th Year She/Her

    Hello friends! I'm excited to share that this is my second year serving as an RA for Sixth College. A little bit about me – I am a Bioengineering: Bioinformatics major from Fremont, CA. I love playing field hockey, going for walks, and eating cake. Whether or not this is your first year at Sixth College, I hope to help support you and build a fun community that you can call home!

  • Yuliana Chavez

    Yuliana Chavez

    Kaleidoscope 5th Floor
    3rd Year She/Her

    Hello, my name is Yuliana and I am your RA this year! I am a Computer Science major with a minor in Education Studies. This summer I spent my time in an internship testing drone detection softwares and flying drones here in San Diego! In my free time I like to crochet and play tennis and I am super excited to meet you all!

  • Pranav Paul

    Pranav Paul

    Kaleidoscope 5th Floor
    4th Year He/Him

    Hi everyone! My name is Pranav and I am a Human Bio major! I love going on walks around campus and hitting the beach in my free time! I also love watching new movie releases so if I'm not on campus, I'm probably at UTC! I can't wait to meet you all!

  • Raven Cox

    Raven Cox

    Kaleidoscope 6th Floor
    3rd Year She/They

    Hello all. My name is Raven, I use they/she pronouns and I am a Clinical Psychology/Ethnic Studies student in Marshall College. I'm so excited to meet you all! True to my name, I am an early bird who loves makeup, fashion, skincare, creating art, listening to music, and going to the gym. You can find often find me at M.O.M Cafe talking to my favorite raven Bert, or at the library taking notes. It is my goal in life to be a therapist or counselor for young Black people seeking guidance and acceptance, and I hope to do the same for my lovely residents. Never be afraid to chat with me about anything; from finding the best professors on campus, even to how your best friend did you dirty. Many blessings, and welcome to the ABDLLC!

  • Moumen Gabir

    Moumen Gabir

    Kaleidoscope 6th Floor
    2nd Year He/Him

    Welcome to the ABDLLC! My name is Moumen and I'll be one of your two RAs on your floor. I'm here to support you and create an inclusive community where we celebrate our rich culture and experiences. A little about me is that I am Marshall Student majoring in Cognitive Science with a focus on Neuroscience with a Bioethics Minor on a Pre-med track. In my free time, I love watching anime, weightlifting, reading exclusively fantasy books, thrifting, skating on my penny board, and hanging out with my friends. I look forward to creating memories in the upcoming year! 

  • Vanessa Martinez

    Vanessa Martinez

    Kaleidoscope 8th Floor
    4th Year She/Her/Ella

    My name is Vanessa (she/her/Ella) and I am from San José, California. I am majoring in International Studies - Political Science and minoring in Education Studies! I hope to continue my education and pursue International Educational Policy. I love reading, painting, crocheting, and Star Wars. I also love farm animals and have 12 chickens that I’ve raised since they hatched : )

  • Adrian Dre Diaz

    Adrian Dre Diaz

    Kaleidoscope 9th Floor
    4th Year He/Him

    Adrian-Dre Diaz is a Visual Arts (Media) student enrolled at Eleanor Roosevelt College. This is his second year being a Residential Advisor at Sixth College, and he is very excited to continue the development of our unique traditions that make this campus so special. In his free time, he enjoys cinema, fashion, culinary, and fitness.

  • Claudia Bran

    Claudia Bran

    Kaleidoscope 10th Floor
    2nd Year She/Her

    I am a dance major here at UC San Diego. I enjoy dancing which is why i want to make it into a career and hope to start a studio of my own someday. I am also a sister of Sigma Pi Alpha Sorority Inc. on campus and it is something that I am very passionate about and enjoy to be a part of. Other things I enjoy to do during my free time are shopping, roller skating, and going out to explore San Diego. A fun fact about me is that I been on TV numerous times in my career.

  • Karar Aljadeed

    Karar Aljadeed

    Kaleidoscope 11th Floor
    5th Year He/Him

    I'm Karar Aljadeed, majoring in Human Biology and Clinical Psychology. With a keen interest in understanding the human body and mind, I aim to explore their intersection in the context of health and well-being. As an experienced Resident Assistant for the past three years, I have gained valuable insights into supporting and engaging with students. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to serve as a Resident Assistant for Sixth college this year, where I can apply my skills and create a positive and inclusive environment for the community. Combining my academic pursuits and previous RA experience, I am dedicated to promoting their well-being and ensuring a memorable experience during the year!

  • Kay Labbe

    Kay Labbe

    Kaleidoscope 12th Floor
    2nd Year They/Them

    Hello! My name is Kay Labbe and I’m an Anthropology student with a minor in Marketing. I’m originally from Santa Cruz, California and I decided to come to UCSD because of their superior history and humanities departments. I’m actually an ERC student, but I am RA-ing here in Sixth which should be an interesting change of pace! I love all things to do with animation and theater as well as being out in nature whether that’s at the beach or in the mountains! My main goal as an RA is to facilitate a living space where everyone has equal opportunity to voice their thoughts. I hope that we get to know each other better this year, go Tritons!!

  • Christy Deliivanov

    Christy Deliivanov

    Kaleidoscope 13th Floor
    3rd Year She/Her

    Hi y’all! I’m Christy, a Biology with a specialization in Bioinformatics major from San Diego! When studying, I love to hang out at M.O.M.s and the study rooms in Sixth’s residential buildings. In my free time I love to explore the beach while on runs, go the the gym, and crochet. Excited to meet y’all and help y’all feel at home at UCSD! Looking forward to a great year together!

  • Mohit Sridhar

    Mohit Sridhar

    Kaleidoscope 14th Floor
    3rd Year He/Him

    Hi all! My name is Mohit and I will be your RA for this upcoming year. Here are a few things about me:

    I am currently a Data Science major, especially interested in AI/ML and hope to attend graduate school to further pursue this interest. I used to live in India for the first 8 years of my life, but I moved to Folsom, CA (a suburb of Sacramento) about 12 years ago. In my free time, I love spending time with friends, listening to music (hip-hop and R&B), playing basketball, and playing Valorant. I am also involved with SangamSD and Engineers 4 Exploration on campus. My schedule is pretty flexible, so please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions, concerns, want any insights, or if you simply need someone to hang out with!

Resident Assistants: Tapestry

  • Jeremiah Andalon

    Jeremiah Andalon

    Tapestry 2nd Floor
    2nd Year He/Him

    I’m a psychology major from Warren College moving to Sixth! I grew up in Los Angeles and I’m a big Dodgers fan and love going to games. I also love watching shows, some I could name are breaking bad or the Sopranos even though they get in the way of being an academic weapon sometimes. I’m very easy to talk to as well, so feel free to reach out with questions or just to talk!

  • Thomas Nguyen

    Thomas Nguyen

    Tapestry 2nd Floor
    2nd Year He/Him

    Hi everyone my name is Thomas! Sadly for you guys, I am a bit of a jokester so bear with me. What's brown and sticky? A stick!! Hahahaha all jokes aside my hobbies are gaming, photography, and running! I have dialed back on the running but I hope to start up again soon. I am a general bio major going and I am uncertain about my career path for right now. I actually grew up here in San Diego so if y'all need any recommendations for places to go I would be happy to give a few recs! Hoping for a fun year with you all and getting to know each one of you personally so that you'll have at least one friend coming into your new college life!

  • Lyli Huerta

    Lyli Huerta

    Tapestry 3rd Floor
     Year She/Her

    Hi, my name is Lyli I am a Clinical Psychology and Writing and Literature double major. I hope to one day become a forensic psychologist. In my free time, I enjoy reading, crocheting, traveling, and I am a part of the UCSD Folklorico dance organization!

  • Toni McCarthy

    Toni McCarthy

    Tapestry 4th Floor
    4th Year She/Her

    Hello everyone! My name is Toni and I'm a Human Biology major on the pre-med track. I enjoy practicing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, running, reading, and watching anime. I hope I can make this a fun and supportive community for all of you and please feel free to come to me with any questions, concerns, or feedback. Let's have a great year together!

  • Joaquin Valle

    Joaquin Valle

    Tapestry 4th Floor
    2nd Year He/Him

    Hi, my name is Joaquin Valle. I am majoring in electrical engineering. I am from Santa Ana which is a city in Orange County. I really enjoy eating good food and look forward to meeting everyone!

  • Ashley Chu

    Ashley Chu

    Tapestry 5th Floor
    4th Year She/They

    Hi! I'm studying Cognitive Science specializing in Machine Learning, originally from the Bay Area. I really enjoy the outdoors, cooking, and exploring new places. Looking forward to getting to know you all this year!

  • Nehal Ambalkar

    Nehal Ambalkar

    Tapestry 5th Floor
    3rd Year She/Her

    Hey hey! My name is Nehal and I'm so excited to be your RA this upcoming year :) I'm currently a general biology major on a pre-health track. I'm originally a Muir student, but am looking forward to working with the Sixth College Res Life community. I love going to the beach, exploring new places/restaurants, going to music festivals, spending time with my friends, and being out in nature. I also loveee listening to new music and exploring different genres (the Weeknd, Lana Del Rey, and Travis Scott are some of my fav artists :) ). I'm originally from Chula Vista (close to the border) so I'm very familiar with the San Diego area and can give you the best recs for food spots/places to visit. Super excited to meet all of you and get the year started!!

  • Giselle Zamudo

    Giselle Zamudo

    Tapestry 6th Floor
    5th Year She/Her

    Hi everyone, I'm a pre-med public health major who enjoys running, journaling, and baking! I love being an RA because I get the opportunity to foster community and make students feel supported and listened to. Looking forward to this year!

  • Leslie Vallejo-Avila

    Leslie Vallejo-Avila

    Tapestry 6th Floor
    3rd Year She/Her/Ella

    Hi! My name is Leslie and I am majoring in Political Science with a concentration in Race, Ethnicity and Politics and a minor in Business. I am a first-generation high school and college student from San Francisco, CA and a proud daughter of Mexican immigrants. This is my second year as a Sixth college RA and I'm so excited to be serving as the Multicultural LLC RA. Outside of this role, I serve as your Associated Students (AS) Executive Vice President, External Responsable for MEChA de UCSD, and in the Delta Gamma sorority. Fostering safe spaces for our students has allowed me to find a home within San Diego. Feel free to ask me any questions regarding any resources on campus.

  • Hayley Halaby

    Hayley Halaby

    Tapestry 8th Floor
    3rd Year She/Her

    Hello Sixers! My name is Hayley and I am a General Biology major from Aliso Viejo, CA. While I’m technically a Revellian, I am thrilled to be joining Sixth College’s dynamic community as a Resident Assistant. Over the past two years, I have been heavily involved in campus life, both as Publicity Coordinator for Revelle Hall Association and as a Weeks of Welcome Ambassador. I also enjoy partaking in research on limb development as a member of the Cooper Lab, and love spending my free time with my friends watching the gorgeous ocean sunsets that can be seen from campus. As an RA, I hope to continue improving campus life and helping other students find the same sense of community that I have been fortunate to experience here at UCSD.

  • Grace Rivera

    Grace Rivera

    Tapestry 9th Floor
    3rd Year She/Her/Ella/Siya

    Grace is a pre-med student majoring in Cognitive Science specializing in Clinical Aspects of Cognition. She has taken on leadership and people-oriented positions during her time at UCSD in organizations including Kaibigang Pilipin@ (KP), Pilipino Undergraduate Society for Health (PUSH), and her work as a Research Assistant at UCSD's Center for Healthy Eating and Activity Research (CHEAR) Lab. She is passionate about dance, food, and mental health. She hopes to make her residents' stay at Sixth College as safe and memorable as possible!

  • Harrison Kung

    Harrison Kung

    Tapestry 10th Floor
    4th Year He/Him

    My name is Harrison and I'm majoring in computer engineering. I enjoy coding and tinkering with projects as well as hiking around San Diego during my free time! As a returning resident assistant, I'm here to support my residents in any way I can, so always feel free to send me an email or talk to me in-person if you have any questions or concerns. I'm also responsible for creating a safe and respectful environment for everyone, so remember to follow the rules and to be kind to one another so that we can have a great year!

  • Shelby Oelmann

    Shelby Oelmann

    Tapestry 11th Floor
    3rd Year She/Her

    Hi my name is Shelby and I am so excited to be your RA this year! I’m currently a global health major from ERC. One of my favorite things to do is travel, and I would love to go abroad sometime. When I’m not studying, I enjoy cooking and baking things that look good but don’t always turn out. I am always down for a walk to watch the sunset at Gliderport or a beach run (if I’m feeling a little crazy). I like to stay in, but I would like to explore more places off campus this year. I also began watching Game of Thrones recently, and am always open to movie and show recommendations!

  • Nate Suzuki

    Nate Suzuki

    Tapestry 12th Floor
    4th Year He/Him

    Hi! I am a Mechanical Engineering student of Sixth college! I enjoy playing games or all types and playing most sports. I am very excited to meet each new community I am a part of and am looking forward to this next amazing year!

  • Anushka Ashok Jakhanwal

    Anushka Ashok Jakhanwal

    Tapestry 13th Floor 
    3rd Year She/Her

    Hi everyone! I’m Anushka, your RA!! I am so excited to be part of this living community with you all. I am a friendly, approachable, and understanding person. I am always open to meeting new people which is why I am super excited to meet you all this fall:)) Whether you need support with roommate conflicts, academic challenges, or simply someone to talk to, I am your go-to person! I believe in open communication, respect, and inclusivity. I am a Math - Computer Science major so I already love problem-solving which makes being a RA more fun :p. Together, I and all of you can create memorable experiences, build connections, and make your year filled with fun. Here’s to sharing and making the most of this community! See you soon.

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