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Residence Life Staff

The Sixth College Residence Life staff works in partnership with Sixth College Student Affairs and students to provide opportunities for student involvement and leadership.

The Sixth College Residence Life staff aims to:

  • Foster student growth and development
  • Prepare students to become effective citizens in the 21st century
  • Provide a positive living and learning environment for each member of the Sixth College community

We are committed to helping students build a college community that supports individual creativity and expression, while increasing students' understanding and appreciation of human differences.

Professional Staff

Resident Assistants: Catalyst & Mosaic (CatMo)

  • Karla Tirado

    Karla Tirado

  • Riohn Jones

    Riohn Jones

  • Jyla Pulley

    Jyla Pulley

  • Ashley Chu

    Ashley Chu

  • Milena Salazar

    Milena Salazar

  • Daniela Johnson

    Daniela Johnson

  • Lylian Huerta

    Lylian Huerta

  • Jordan Lee

  • Jessica Ghai

    Jessica Ghai

  • Leslie Cheng

    Leslie Cheng

  • Nate Suzuki

    Nate Suzuki

  • Pranav Paul

    Pranav Paul

  • Irene (Ying) Tan

    Irene (Ying) Tan

  • Akhil Bokka

    Akhil Bokka

Resident Assistants: Kaleidoscope

  • Tarun Venkatesan

    Tarun Venkatesan

  • Mehul Sharma

    Mehul Sharma

  • Kylie Nguyen

    Kylie Nguyen

  • Malika Nindra

    Malika Nindra

  • Melissa Sosa

    Melissa Sosa

  • Nick Hale

    Nick Hale

  • Simran Jandu

    Simran Jandu

  • Pin-Hao Niu

    Pin-Hao Niu

  • Kaitlyn Reardon

    Kaitlyn Reardon

  • Leslie Vallejo-Avila

    Leslie Vallejo-Avila

  • Nathan Glonek

    Nathan Glonek

  • Giselle Zamudio

    Giselle Zamudio

  • Pranav Sayar

    Pranav Sayar

  • Kathleen (Katie) Luu

    Kathleen (Katie) Luu

  • Karar Aljadeed

    Karar Aljadeed

  • Fabi Huda

    Fabi Huda

Resident Assistants: Tapestry

  • Harrison Kung

    Harrison Kung

  • Nazanin (Naz) Nematbakhsh

    Nazanin (Naz) Nematbakhsh

  • Rahul Sehgal

  • Kayle Karcher

    Kayle Karcher

  • Josh Cantrell

    Josh Cantrell

  • Cynthia He

    Cynthia He

  • Anita Sun

    Anita Sun

  • Lauren Pechayco

    Lauren Pechayco

  • Dre Diaz

    Dre Diaz

  • Kali Hoang

    Kali Hoang

  • Mohammad Amjad

    Mohammad Amjad

  • Larry Nguyen

    Larry Nguyen

  • Shria Arcot

    Shria Arcot

  • Halelujah Temengsen

    Halelujah Temengsen

Desk Interns

  • Valarie Castellanos-Ponce

  • Dulce Chaidez

  • Samantha Ford

  • Tori McMillan

  • Xavier Perez

ABDLLC Programming Interns

  • Tyann Reneau

  • Jasmine Smith