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Move-in 2023 is Almost Here!

Welcome!  Review the information below thoroughly. 

Direct any questions that you have about your Housing Contract to

Direct any questions that you may have regarding medical housing accommodations to  

 All other questions about the residential experience may be directed to  

Pre-Move-In Steps

To do ASAP:

1). Submit your Student Identification photo so your ID, which is also your residence key, will be ready when you check in.

2) Choose your move-in time on the Undergraduate Housing Portal.  There are no additional times other than those provided on your Housing Portal.  We understand that every student and family has unique needs, but we also have to move in 2,242 students in a 2-day time period. 

3) Review the FAQs below and move-in map.

4) Condense what you plan to bring.  Ask yourself if it will be worth hauling to the 14th floor of a building when you move in-or when you move out. Future you will be thankful.

How do I understand my room assignment?

Your room assignment will look something like this:  CT-0104-1c. 

CT stands for Catalyst

0104 means that you are on the 1st floor, apartment 104. 

1 means that you are in bedroom 1

C means that you are in the lofted space in that bedroom.

Other building codes include:  KA:  Kaleidoscope, TY:  Tapestry, and MO:  Mosaic.  Locate them on this map:

How big is my room?

Double and triple room dimensions in Sixth are about 10’x10’, although individual room sizes vary.

Check out this page for a virtual tour

Can I edit my move-in time after I choose it?

Yes, but only for a limited time.  After September 7th, the time you picked will be set in stone.  It is best if you plan carefully and choose a time that will work for you.

Can I move in before September 23rd?

Students can opt for Early Move-In.  These dates start as early as September 20th.  There is a charge of $50/night.

Sign up via the Housing Portal

Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate Early Move-Ins before September 20th.  If you arrive in San Diego before September 20th, you will have to find lodging elsewhere.  Here is some local HOTEL INFORMATION.

Move-In Day Instructions


1) Use 9685 Scholars Drive North La Jolla, California, 92093 as your destination.  Avoid parking on surface streets to prevent tickets or towing.

2) Follow signs to the Scholars Parking Structure's ground floor exit and cross Scholars Drive. , following the move-in map.

3) Join the line leading check-in on the 
Residence Life Patio.

4) Check your Qwik Pass for your room assignment and door PIN (4-digits found at the bottom). This pass is on the Undergraduate Housing Portal.  

5)  Bring your own equipment.  Limited carts are available for a short time during move-in. 

On my self-scheduled move-in day, if I arrive after 5pm, will I be able to move-in?

No. You will not be able to move in until the next day. No exceptions. Here is some local HOTEL INFORMATION.

What if I plan to arrive after September 27th?

Email immediately so that we may add your name to a late arrival list.  If you do not, we may release your contract to accomodate someone on the waitlist.

Will move-in carts be provided?

Although we will have a very limited number of carts available for use, we kindly request students and their guardians bring their own eqipment for move in.

When can I change rooms? I got a triple. Can I change into a double? My chosen roommates and I were placed in a triple with a random person. Can we switch out? Can I switch with someone in my suite?

The Room Change Interest List is traditionally activated on the Housing Portal during the 3rd week of Fall quarter. If you would be interested in changing the room to which you have been assigned, you may apply to the Room Change Interest List. In the meantime, you must move into your current room assignment. We cannot anticipate or ensure any particular outcome from applying to the Room Change Interest list.

I have a medical accommodation housing issue. Whom do I contact?

Please contact the Office of Students with Disabilities (OSD) at:

Where do I send mail/move-in packages? When can I start receiving packages?

Mailing addresses will be available on September 12, 2023 in your Housing Portal.  Your mailbox is located here, in the Mailroom.

Your address will be:

Your name

9450 Gilman Drive Box 5xxxxx. La Jolla,  CA. 92092 (the xxxxx will be your mailbox number). 

All packages/deliveries in Sixth are picked up in the loading dock window of the the Hospitality Information Desk. You can find more information on the HI desk website here.

Is there a MicroFridge rental program in Sixth? Can we bring mini fridges?

Unlike other areas, Sixth has microwaves and refrigerators in all of the common lounges and apartments. We do not offer rental services, but if a student wants their own refrigerator for their room, we do allow mini fridges that are 5 cubic feet or smaller in size and have a safe UL-approved electrical system (one per bedroom). They can be purchased at Wal-Mart, Target, Amazon, Costco, or similar store and can also be shipped to your mailing address after move-in for less than $219, which is less than the fee charged by the MicroFridge rental agency.

What are the COVID-19 protocols for campus?

Formal precaution procedures regarding the public health emergency caused by COVID-19 were wound down in Spring 2023.  Nonetheless, COVID-19 is still circulating widely and can result in serious or fatal illness, particularly for those most vulnerable in our communities.  Because of this, we strongly encourage you to be masked when in crowded spaces and to follow the health promotion behaviors you have learned.  

What if my room is dirty or there are damages when I move in?

Summer Conferences use our residential spaces over the summer months.  Our custodial team and maintenance team do their best to clean and maintain the facilities prior to opening, but things happen!  Any non-emergency HDH Facilities concerns (minor leaks, minor repairs) must be reported to  Major incidents must be reported immediately to 858-534-2600.

What if I get locked out of my residence?

The Hospitality Information Desk handles all lockouts, lost keys, or keycard issues as well as mail and packages.  Its hours can be found at:

What are the Sixth Residence Life Office Hours and what can the office do for me?

 Sixth College Residence Life is open 7 days a week (M-F 8A-11P and Sat-Sun 9A-11P) and can assist with Housing Contract questions, student conduct meetings, suitemate or apartment mate conflicts, or general questions/feedback.  The office can be reached at 858-822-5268 or

Where can I eat?

All HDH dining locations and hours can be found at

As Sixth College, we are committed to fostering a positive and welcoming environment for everyone.  Move-in can be a difficult time for students, staff, and families.  We kindly ask everyone to treat our staff with the same professionalism and respect that you expect in return. Disrespectful or aggressive behavior will not be tolerated. Together, let's create a collaborative and courteous atmosphere for all. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.