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Living-Learning Communities (LLCs)


What is an LLC?

A group of people who share common objectives and/or interests and who are actively engaged in learning from each other in a common living environment.  

Why have LLCs?

These types of living environments on college campuses are associated with higher GPAs, deeper learning, increased retention rates, and increased graduation rates.

How do I apply to an LLC?

Students must first complete the Room Selection Application (Personal History Form, e-signature housing contract and their $450 prepayment). Once that is complete, students will be able to login to the Room Selection Portal and select the Housing Community App to apply for one (1) of the available communities (including I-House).

I missed the LLC deadline! Is there a waitlist?

Yes! Students can sign up for the LLC Waitlist Interest Form for Sixth College LLCs here.

*Keep in mind that our Internal Waitlist for the LLCs is for the ABDLLC and MCLLC communites ONLY and is separate from the University Housing Waitlist for students who do not yet have a housing contract. If you would like to apply to LLCs and need a housing contract, please sign up for both waitlists.

What opportunities are there to contribute to the LLCs of Sixth College? 

Periodically, there are paid opportunities as well as volunteer opportunities within the program.  Please reach out to Assistant Director of Residence Life, Federica Bucca (

What types of LLCs are there in Sixth College? (see below)

Multicultural LLC

UC San Diego is committed to creating more spaces where the diverse population of undergraduate students connect with each other, with the university and with others within the community. This program will provide a space in the Sixth College Apartments for continuing UC San Diego undergraduate students from all colleges to live, gather, learn from one another, and build a strong community. Residents in this community are committed to developing and participating in educational and social opportunities for this multicultural community and others interested in multiculturalism and social justice.

Established in 2010, the Multi-Cultural Living and Learning Community’s (MCLLC) is meant to support students interested in promoting diversity and social justice at Sixth, UCSD, and in the surrounding community.  The MCLLC has provided opportunities for residents to work with Student Promoted Access Center for Education and Services (SPACES) and has collaborated with UCSD’s Cultural Centers to coordinate and promote programs focused on student activism.

African Black Diaspora LLC

UC San Diego recognizes the unique challenges and needs of the African Black Diaspora identities at institutions of higher education. The mission of the ABDLLC is to establish an environment of personal and academic excellence through the affirmation and celebration of Blackness in its various expressions. Led by the principles of Ujima (collective work and responsibility), Kujichagulia (self-determination), and Nia (purpose), the ABDLLC will function as cooperative community with the following shared goals:

  • Cultivating personal development and self-awareness
  • Fostering meaningful interpersonal connections and lifelong relationships
  • Validating the space of the individual, while also enabling diverse collaboration
  • Advocating for the empowerment of Black students across our campus and working to ensure equity, inclusion, and respect
  • Enriching the UCSD community with distinct African and Black culture

The ABDLLC aspires to be a platform that African Black Diaspora students and their allies can use to exhibit their authenticity and agency while engaging with Blackness and its full range of humanities, necessities, and potentials.

Gender Inclusive Housing

Established in 2011, this community allows continuing students of all gender identities and expressions to live together in designated Sixth College Apartments.  

If you are interested in living in Gender Inclusive Housing, you must complete the Room Selection Application (Personal History Form, e-signature housing contract, and $450 prepayment). Once that is complete, you will be able to login to the Room Selection Portal and express your interest in Gender Inclusive Housing.


The OASIS Summer Bridge program is a 5 week summer session program aimed at helping first generation college students from under-served high schools get a head start with their college experience.

Established in 2010, this living-learning community allows all OASIS Summer Bridge students to live together in a community built upon the supportive relationships that began during their Summer Bridge experience.  The first-year transition to college, the importance of diversity and involvement, and an emphasis on learning from each other are all key values of this community.