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Frequently Asked Questions

We've summarized the answers to some of your most commonly asked questions.




Hospitality Information ("Hi") is a new operation launching in the Sixth College residential community to provide various services including support for mail and packages. The "Hi" Office is conveniently located in the Tapestry building next to the resident mailroom and Campus Shuttle stop on the southeast corner (main doors facing Scholars drive across from Sixth Market). This location will serve as your main package pick-up location. Hospitality Information will be open 7 days a week. Please find their hours and contact information here:   

  • I'm having something shipped to me. What address do I use and what packages come to the office?

    • Address Form:
      • Your Name
        9450 Gilman Dr. # _ _ _ _ _ (mailbox #)
        La Jolla, Ca 92092- _ _ _ _ (Last four numbers of mailbox)
    • Please visit the "Mailroom Location and Information" section of the Hospitality Information ("Hi") to find more information.
  • How do I know what my address is? How do I get mail and packages sent to campus?

    • Please visit the "Mailroom Location and Information" section of the Hospitality Information ("Hi") to find this information.
  • How will I be notified that my package has arrived?

    • You will be notified via email. If you have not received an email to your UCSD email address, then the Hospitality Information (Hi) Desk Parcel Center does not have your package. The Hospitality Information (Hi) Desk is a new operation launching in the Sixth College residential community to provide various services including support for mail and packages.  
    • Please visit the "Packages and Parcels" section of the Hospitality Information ("Hi") to find more information.
  • What about normal mail, like letters and postcards?

    • Normal mail is sorted and delivered to your mailbox every weekday by 4p. Please check your mailbox daily. Please note, Mail Services does not resume distributing mail until after classes start for Fall Quarter instruction.
  • Can I send a package from the Hospitality Information "Hi" Office?

    • You may reject a package or return to sender, but the Hospitality Information ("Hi") Office does not ship packages.
  • I know my mailbox number, but how do I get my combination?

    • The Hospitality Information ("Hi") Office is your best resource and their team would be able to best assist you. You can call them (858-246-4634) or reach them by email (  
  • I have my combo, but I can't open my mailbox! What can I do?

    • First, make sure you are following the instructions to open it as directed on the combo card. 
      1. Spin the dial 4 times to the LEFT to clear the combo and STOP at the first number of the combination.
      2. Turning back to the RIGHT, pass the second number once, then stop on the number the second time
      3. Go LEFT, straight to the third number.
      4. Turn RIGHT and pull to open.
    • If it still doesn't open,you will need to submit a Fix-It Request
    • Repairs typically take a week to complete.

Housing Assignments, Room Changes, and Waitlists

Housing Assignments:  

Generally, the application period for returning students eligible for a Housing Contract begins in winter quarter.  The incoming/ new student application period is usually late spring / early summer.  Living-Learning Community (LLC) applications briefly proceed each of these periods.

Choosing Roommates:

First-year students, are able to REQUEST a roommate in early summer. Because of the complexity of housing assignments, realistically, you will most likely end up with an “automatic allocation", or an automatically chosen roommate, suite mate, or apartment mate.  We encourage you to be flexible and open to living with a variety of folks from many backgrounds---it's all part of the college educational experience.

When your continuing student housing process begins, you will be able to form roommate / apartment mate groups and choose the group with whom you would like to live if you are offered a Housing Contract for your 2nd year.

Changing a room assignment is a measure of last resort.

Your Resident Assistant will help you to construct and maintain a Living-Space Agreement at the beginning of each year and when any new member joins your living space.  This is a requirement of your Housing Contract and we encourage you to be thorough and honest when creating the document.  This document will be used when/if conflict arises in your living space. 

Should you desire a room switch, please utilize the Housing Portal to be placed on the Room Change Interest List. Depending on the housing demand, you may be placed on a waitlist for your preference. Please note, any changes to room assignments is based on availability. Submitting a room change request does not guarantee that you will be offered a room change.

Please note that emergency moves based on a "safety" concern are reserved only for legitimate threats to life or limb as assessed by the UC San Diego Police Department in consultation with the Residence Life Office.  If a resident feels like their life or limb is at risk, they must dial 911 immediately.

Lock Outs

  • What happens if I get locked out?

    • Please visit the "Frequently asked questions regarding keys and lockouts" section of the Hospitality Information ("Hi") to find this information.
  • I've lost my key/ID! What do I do now?

    • Please visit the "Frequently asked questions regarding keys and lockouts" section of the Hospitality Information ("Hi") to find this information.

Maintenance, Custodial, Service Requests

  • My light is out! The sink is dripping! Our window screen is torn! I want my bed lofted.  I need...

    • Please click on the "Fix It" button on our homepage.  If it is an emergency maintenance situation (e.g., flooding), call HDH Customer Service immediately at 858-534-2600 and put in a work order. Requests are addressed in priority order. Please refer to the Facilities and Building Services website for further information on the services provided.
  • What services does Custodial provide?

    • Custodial Services will vacuum the common areas, clean the bathrooms, restock toilet paper, and clean the laundry rooms. Additionally, they will wipe down and sweep the kitchen in the apartments. It is the student's responsibility to empty the trash and recycling.
Please refer to the Cleaning Services section on the Housing*Dining*Hospitality Custodial FAQs website for more detailed information.

Pest Management and Control

  • If you find gnats, roaches, fleas, ants, silverfish, spiders, bees, or other pests in your room, please contact HDH Fix It at 858-534-2600.  Be sure to get a report number and ask the name of the staff member who is assisting you.

Posting Policy

Postings of any kind are not currently allowed in Sixth College nor Sixth College Residential Life at NTPLLN (including doors, windows, and columns).

We are currently updating our posting policy.  We anticipate installing digital signage equipment, which will allow campus departments and Registered Student Organizations to submit advertising for events.

For questions, please contact the Sixth College Dean of Student Affairs Office at (858) 822-5933 or at

Reserving public spaces/rooms for my club, organization, or group?

We are updating our reservation process and policies during 2023-2024. 

At this time, only Sixth College staff are permitted to make reservations for group use of our public spaces.  However, we anticipate that this will change as soon as policy and process are updated.

What are the rules and community standards?

Check out the Student Conduct Procedures, including the Housing & Residence Life Community Standards, on the SAGE website.  This includes everything from acceptable appliances to quiet hours to emergency expectations.  By accepting admission to UC San Diego and signing a Housing Contract, you are accountable for all of the rules and regulations associated with being a student resident.  "I didn't know that 'x' was a rule" does not exempt you from the rule's application.