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Dine & Coffee With a Prof

The Undergraduate Colleges understand the value of meeting with your professor and/or graduate teaching assistant (TA) during your tenure here at UC San Diego. The Dine/Coffee-with-a-Prof programs allow you, the student to meet, dine or have coffee, with an esteemed faculty member or graduate teaching assistant in order to gather insight concerning a course or career opportunities in your field of study. This is a complimentary program provided by the Undergraduate Colleges.

Guidelines and Participation

Undergraduate students may participate in the Dine-with-a-Prof and Coffee-with-a-Prof programs once per quarter for each program during the academic year. Neither program is available through summer sessions.

1. Contact your professor or graduate teaching assistant and extend a meeting invitation. Work together to choose a date, time, and location to meet over coffee or a meal.

  • See lists of approved dining and coffee locations here. Check the appropriate website for hours of operation.
  • Use the invitation example below, if needed:

    Dear Professor or TA,

    I am currently a student in your X course. Would you be interested in meeting me for coffee or a meal this quarter? I would like to learn more about your research and how you got started in your field. There are two great programs, Dine-with-a-Prof and Coffee-with-a-Prof, which allow us each a complimentary meal or coffee while we meet. I look forward to hearing from you.

    Thank you,

    Your name

2. After your professor or TA has confirmed the details, complete and submit the online application by Week 5 to sign up for one of the programs.


preview image of application

3. Wait to receive an email from a Sixth College staff member to schedule a pick-up time.

  • Vouchers will be picked up at the Sixth College Administration building, located in Catalyst. Same-day pick up is NOT available. Please allow 2-3 business days before your meeting for voucher pickup. 
  • The voucher will look like a gift card and is your “ticket” to complimentary coffee or meals for you and your professor/TA.
  • If you sign-up and do not pick-up your voucher after two business days, your voucher will be forfeited.


4. After you pick up the voucher, confirm the meeting time with your professor/TA and then meet up!

  • Redeem your voucher at one of the authorized locations. Your professor or TA must be present. Turn in the voucher to the attendant to receive the funds for your coffee and/or meal.

Questions/Concerns? Contact: