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Fulfillment Tracks

In order to fulfill your experiential learning requirement, you must complete an approved course from one of the six experiential learning tracks. Many experiential learning opportunities involve an application or other approval process to be completed before enrolling in the class satisfying the requirement, so advance planning is critical. Special studies 198 or 199 courses can also be approved to meet the requirement, but require students to submit a course proposal. Explore the different tracks and select a course that is right for you!

Community Engagement

Do you want to help make San Diego a better, more vibrant place to live?

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Internships and Apprenticeships

Are you looking to get real-world experience in your field while building your résumé?

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Undergraduate Research

Would you like to learn how to do research from some of UCSD's most esteemed professors and scholars?

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Public Performances

Are you creatively inclined or interested in artistic productions?

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Project-Based Learning

Do you want to help organizations increase their efficiency, improve their marketing, or just solve problems?

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Global Experiences

Have you always dreamed of traveling across the country—or across the world?

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Summer 2023

View the approved courses being offered during Summer 2023.

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Fall 2023

View the approved courses being offered during Fall 2023.

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All Courses

View all courses approved to fulfill the experiential learning requirement.

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Virtual Advising Center

Get an answer to your question about the experiential learning requirement or request to schedule an appointment through the Virtual Advising Center.

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