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CAT 124

Want to take a course unlike any other at UCSD? You've come to the right place!

CAT 124 courses are Sixth College's own high-impact experiential learning seminars that give students the opportunity to learn through community engagement, critical analysis, and small group discussion. CAT 124 classes are offered nearly every quarter, including over the summer, and are the perfect way to fulfill your experiential learning requirement. Check out the syllabi and accomplishments of past CAT 124 courses below!

Students must request permission to register for CAT 124 through the Enrollment Authorization System. It is not necessary to include a justification or any supporting documentation, but students may be sent an eligibility form to complete so that it can be verified that they qualify to enroll. After registration requests are approved, students can enroll in the course on WebReg.

Upcoming Courses

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Past Syllabi



Fall 2017

  • Jen Pantoja and Cat Crowder: Coaching the Craft of Writing

Winter 2018

  • Job Godino: Public Health Fair

Summer 2018


Winter 2019

  • Ryan Moran: Public Health Fair





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