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Academic Success Resources

Sixth College and UCSD want to see you succeed! If you are having academic difficulties, not fully understanding course material, and/or need help with time management and study skills please review the following resources.

If you are on Academic Probation or Subject to Disqualification, click here

Instructor/TA help:

  • Talk with your teaching assistants and professors and ask them to clarify what you do not understand from lectures and assignments.
  • Ask instructors about their policy regarding work that is submitted late. Sometimes, you can earn a passing grade by submitting work late even if there is a late penalty.
  • Speak with your Instructor early and often so they get to know you. They may be more willing to work with you if an issue arises.

Tutoring options:

  • Drop in for assistance at Help Room if you are in CHEM 6 series. For other chemistry courses, see your TA.
  • Explore drop-in tutoring services for multiple subjects at OASIS.
  • Engineering student? Check here to find a tutor in your field of study.
  • Sign up for tutoring in the Physics Tutorial Center if you are in a Physics class.
  • Contact your department to see if tutoring is available.

Study Skills:

Other Resources:

Questions? Contact Sixth College Academic Advising