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Prospective Transfers

At Sixth College, our goal is to prepare students to become effective global citizens who engage creatively and ethically with the complex issues facing the world. UC San Diego ranks in the top three universities, so you know you will receive an excellent education here. Through Sixth College's academic and co-curricular programs, you will learn to become innovative, interconnected, and aware.

Our college theme is Culture, Art, and Technology.

Community Life

At Sixth College, our programs, services, and facilities are designed to create a supportive environment that enhances the personal development and learning of our entire campus community. Working in partnership with faculty and staff, we prepare our transfer students to be responsible and contributing members of a diverse, global society by providing learning-centered environments, meaningful out-of-class opportunities, and professional support services that help you learn through your co-curricular experience and achieve academic success.

Now that you have proven yourself to be academically successful, explore Sixth College and learn how you can join a community of other transfer students that have found their home to be in our college community. Get involved, and build relationships with fellow transfer students, and develop an identity as a member of the Sixth College student body.

While it might be that you enjoy participating in some of our annual traditions such as the Chocolate FestivalLet It Flow, Winter Game Fest,  or Kuncocshun; it may also be that getting involved in student organizations, serving as a Resident Advisor, or becoming an Orientation Leader would be a way for you to gain valuable leadership skills and experiences. We encourage you to check out the Village at Pepper Canyon, UCSD’s transfer student housing, and explore all co-curricular opportunities available!

Transfer General Education (GEs)

At Sixth College, our academic advising mission is to provide a supportive environment for students to develop and advance their educational, professional, and personal goals.

For detailed Sixth College transfer student GE requirements, please visit our General Education Requirements for Transfer Students page. 

Culture, Art, and Technology Program

The Culture, Art, and Technology program at Sixth College houses interdisciplinary writing classes (CAT 1, CAT 2, and CAT 3, as well as CAT 125 and CAT 125R) that synthesize conversations between humanities, social sciences, and STEM. In these classes, students use writing as a process to learn and think as they engage with a diverse array of topics. Whether examining the origins of civilization or the history of Hollywood and the future of the environment, students in CAT grapple with big questions about where we’ve come from, who we are, and where we are going.

CAT also offers first-year and senior seminars in CAT 87 and CAT 192 and opportunities to complete general education requirements while studying abroad! We foreground student engagement in all our academic offerings and believe that learning must extend beyond the classroom. We hope to foster a community that helps students engage the world around them ethically and compassionately.

Supportive Faculty

Our dedicated faculty and staff strive to create a rich and varied cultural and social life for students, as well as a more energized physical environment through on- and off-campus partnerships.
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