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Community: Family and Friends

Dear Sixth College families, friends, and alumni,

Welcome to Sixth College and UC San Diego! As the provost, I am delighted to serve as the academic head of this wonderful vision that integrates the themes of Culture, Art, and Technology at UC San Diego. Having raised two independent daughters, I realize that choosing the right undergraduate college is so important and determinative in the lives of our students.

I want all of you in our extended Sixth College community to know that we are committed to providing a nurturing and supportive educational environment designed to allow each of our students to achieve his or her maximal potential. We are dedicated to the development of Sixth College undergraduates to become innovative, interconnected and aware young adults in an increasingly complex world. If you are the parent of a past, present, or future Sixth College student, I am always available to talk with you and explore new ideas to improve Sixth College, or to discuss any other ideas or concerns you might have.

UC San Diego continues to thrive even in the midst of challenges with an ongoing pandemic and all the adjustments that entails. Sixth College also looks forward to celebrating our twentieth anniversary. We bring together students, staff, faculty, and alumni to celebrate our new home and to commemorate the outstanding progress in achieving our mission. We eagerly anticipate ever more innovative enterprises that engage and challenge our students. While we remain confident in our ability to provide an outstanding educational environment, your past generosity continues to make possible many of our educational enhancements that are not provided for by state funds. These include initiatives such as the Digital PlayroomArts6, the Digital Film Festival, the Experiential Learning ConferenceWinter Gamefest, and much more!

That we are able to offer such opportunities is due in large part to the generosity of you—parents, families, and alumni—who support our efforts by contributing to the Sixth College Provost's Fund. For these reasons, please consider donating to the Sixth College Provost’s Fund. I can guarantee you that your donations will go toward helping all of our students succeed and thrive here at Sixth College.

Thank you for being a vibrant component of our Sixth College community of friends and supporters. We look forward to an exciting year of growth and development for everyone associated with Sixth College!

Lakshmi Chilukuri

Provost, Sixth College


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