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Core Advisory Committee


The Sixth College Academic Plan dated May 14, 2001, as subsequently approved by the UCSD Academic Senate, does not specifically call for a Core Advisory Committee. The Executive Committee (following the recommendation of the Sixth College Steering Committee) determined that a special Core Advisory Committee should be established to assure the academic and intellectual integrity of the core sequence and affiliated programs, including the writing program.

At this point, the Executive Committee formally recognizes the establishment of the Core Advisory Committee, with the guidelines below.


Five faculty members (preferably one from each of the divisions involved in undergraduate education: Arts & Humanities; Biological Sciences; Jacobs School of Engineering; Physical Sciences; Social Sciences), ex officio members: Provost, Director of Academic Programs, Student (to be named by Sixth College Student Council), Dean of Academic Advising. One of the faculty representatives will serve as the chair of the committee.

Members shall be chosen by the Provost in consultation with the Director of Academic Programs and the Chair of the Executive Committee. Members will typically serve for three years, and may be appointed for additional terms if appropriate.

Role of Committee:

The Committee shall advise the Provost and Director of Academic Programs Director on all matters regarding the core program.

The committee will work with the Director of Academic Programs to develop, maintain and evaluate the CAT program.

The committee shall ensure that the college fulfills campus-wide goals for the Writing Programs, participating in regular campus wide reviews.

The committee shall participate in the recruitment of faculty.

The Committee will review and analyze assessment and evaluation data collected to assess the effectiveness and efficacy of the core sequence.

The committee will assist in the consideration and development of writing assessment mechanisms in conjunction with the Director of Academic Programs.


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Mailing address:
Sixth College
UC San Diego
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Mail Code 0054
La Jolla, CA 92093-0054