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The Practicum Proposal

Practicum Proposal

Fulfilling your Practicum GE is a three quarter process. Read the steps below to learn more.

Quarter 1: Registering your Practicum

Once you have a project in mind, you will need to submit an online Practicum Proposal by Friday of WEEK 8, the quarter BEFORE you will begin your Practicum-eligible class.

  • The online proposal form will ask you to reflect on
    • Why you chose this Practicum
    • What you will be doing in the class or internship
    • How it relates to your future goals
  • Only complete submissions will be eligible for review
  • Please submit one Practicum Proposal for review at a time
  • Proposals are reviewed WEEK 9
  • You will receive a message from the Virtual Advising Center informing you that your proposal has been reviewed by WEEK 10

Online Proposal Form

The online proposal system closes Friday of Week 8 at 11:59pm. 
Absolutely no retroactive credit is allowed for the Practicum.

If Your Proposal is Denied

  • You will receive instructions on how to submit a second proposal through the Virtual Advisor Center. Please have a back-up course/proposal in case your first choice is denied.

Changing your Practicum after Week 8

  • If you need to change your proposed practicum, whether the class did not fit into your schedule or you were unable to get into the class the quarter proposed, please send a message via the Virtual Advisor Center explaining what happened so we can help you make alternate plans.

Quarter 2: Take your Practicum

  • Make sure you are enrolled in the class you proposed for your Practicum by the Add/Drop Deadline
  • Pass the class
  • No other submissions are required

Quarter 3: Updating Your Transcript

  • Your degree audit is updated the quarter AFTER you pass the class 
  • Contact the Practicum Advisor via the Virtual Advising Center if your degree audit still has not been updated by Week 5


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Practicum Spotlight
Great options for your Practicum!

“This course has inspired me to pursue a one-year program called HealthCorps after I graduate, where I can use the experiences that I gained from the practicum to work intensively on public health and advocacy in communities all across the country.”

-CAT 198 Public Health Fair student, Winter 2013