The Practicum Proposal

Practicum Proposal

Fulfilling your Practicum GE is a three-quarter process. Read the steps below to learn more.

Alert: As of Winter 2015, departmental courses and AIP internships no longer require a Practicum proposal.

Quarter 1: Registering your Practicum

Once you have a project in mind, you will need to submit an online Practicum Proposal by Friday of WEEK 8, the quarter BEFORE you will begin your Practicum-eligible class.

  • The online proposal form will ask you to reflect on
    • Why you chose this Practicum
    • What you will be doing in the class or internship
    • How it relates to your future goals
  • Only complete submissions will be eligible for review
  • Please submit one Practicum Proposal for review at a time
  • Proposals are reviewed WEEK 9
  • You will receive a message from the Virtual Advising Center informing you that your proposal has been reviewed by WEEK 10

Online Proposal Form

The online proposal system closes Friday of Week 8 at 11:59pm. 
Absolutely no retroactive credit is allowed for the Practicum.

If Your Proposal is Denied

  • You will receive instructions on how to submit a second proposal through the Virtual Advisor Center. Please have a back-up course/proposal in case your first choice is denied.

Changing your Practicum after Week 8

  • If you need to change your proposed practicum, whether the class did not fit into your schedule or you were unable to get into the class the quarter proposed, please send a message via the Virtual Advisor Center explaining what happened so we can help you make alternate plans.

Quarter 2: Take your Practicum

  • Make sure you are enrolled in the class you proposed for your Practicum by the Add/Drop Deadline
  • Pass the class
  • No other submissions are required

Quarter 3: Updating Your Transcript

  • Your degree audit is updated the quarter AFTER you pass the class 
  • Contact the Practicum Advisor via the Virtual Advising Center if your degree audit still has not been updated by Week 5


Virtual Advising

Send a message in at

Walk-In Advising

Held in the Sixth College Annex.

Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday:
9:30-11:30 a.m. and 1:30-3:30 p.m.
Wednesday and Friday:
1:30-3:30 p.m.

Practicum Spotlight
Great options for your Practicum!

“My Sixth College Practicum experience was the best and most productive class I’ve taken at UCSD….I made an effort for all of my classes to construct projects that would allow me to keep developing my own type of comedy. As a theater major, I was only ever able to do things that were somewhat like what I wanted to do. While acting is on my list of wants and desires, it was not the most important to me. When I enrolled in CAT 124 and 125: Divine Comedy, my art and my future were finally able to be on the forefront of my mind. Not only was I able to write and learn while doing, I was able to judge my own art by its degree of political activism. I was able to see and discuss my subjects under a magnifying class to really refine my art.”

-Cindy Yang, Class of 2015
Spring 2014 CAT 124/125: ComicCraft student
2014-2015 Practicum Excellence Award recipient